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Then we were agitated for food .. Today we have become the whole of the country ..!

Then we were agitated for food .. Today we have become the whole of the country ..!

Telangana, which has been clamoring for food in the joint state of Andhra Pradesh, today recalled the efforts of the state government behind becoming Annapurna for the country, said CM KCR, who wished the people of the state on the occasion of World Food Security Day. With the production of food grains, the state of Telangana is growing to the number one position in the country, he said. The CM said that the state of Telangana has gone beyond food security to provide food security to the country. He expressed happiness over the development of Telangana agriculture as the “Rice Bowl of India”. Due to the negligence of the rulers of the joint state of Telangana agriculture, irrigation sector .. irrigated, drinking water or, Telangana aladidannaru. After the formation of the state of Telangana, Mission Kakatiya strengthened the ponds and built irrigation projects like Kaleswaram on a war footing. Today, the Telangana community is proud to be the number one state in the country in grain production.

The government will introduce various welfare schemes at a cost of Rs 45,000 crore every year like no other in the state and provide food security as well as social security to the people, said CM KCR. He reminded that the state government will provide quality rice through ‘Food Security Card (Ration Card)’ at the rate of Rs. 20 lakh metric per kg for just Rs. The CM said the rice was being distributed. For this, he is paying a subsidy of Rs 2,088 crore every year at a rate of Rs 28.24 paise per kg. CM KCR explained that the government was providing food security by providing snacks to students across the state. The state government has created ration portability to enable ration card holders to take rations from anywhere. Therefore, the government has made arrangements to provide food security to the people of Telangana anywhere in the state, the CM reminded on this occasion.

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