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There is such a death ..!  5 year old girl thirsty for lack of water to drink!

There is such a death ..! 5 year old girl thirsty for lack of water to drink!

Source: PTI

Jaipur: The incident in Rajasthan is an example of how death is chasing.

Yes, this heartbreaking incident took place at Raniwara in Jalor district of Rajasthan, when a five-year-old girl died of thirst, her grandmother remains unconscious, police said on Tuesday.

According to sources, the incident took place when Sukhi (60 years) and her granddaughter Manju (5 years) were walking to see family members in Roda village. On the way they are thirsty but since the place is not crowded there is no water around. At this time both grandparents are sleeping in the street. Some of the sheep grazing in the distance noticed this and came and took care of both. He also informed the village sarpanch and informed the police. A 5-year-old little girl’s life bird flew while police were trying to deliver her to the hospital.

Grandmother Sukhi is being treated at the hospital and she is also suffering from a dehydration problem, the local SHO said.

Padma Ram, the station house officer who gave the same information, said, “Our team arrived at the spot shortly after the sheep waiting boys were informed. It is a scrubland and it is impossible to get there in vehicles. The faster we walked, the faster we reached the event site. Grandmother and child were sleepless by then. We gave Grandma a drink of water. The girl died after being transported to the hospital. Grandmother said the treatment is continuing.


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