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Turbulence: 8 persons injured in Mumbai-Kolkata flight

Turbulence: 8 persons injured in Mumbai-Kolkata flight

Source: PTI

Calcutta: Vistara Airlines, a flight from Mumbai to Kolkata, slipped into turbulence when it landed in Kolkata, injuring eight passengers on board.

Vistara Airlines’ UK 775 aircraft sank due to turbulence when it landed in Kolkata. Eight of the passengers on board were injured. But there is a big catastrophic mistake that can occur with pilots’ time-consciousness. The Director of the airport, C. Patababi, said the turbulence has been hit by turbulence. This left 8 people on board with injuries. But the plane landed safely.

There were 123 passengers on board at the time of the incident, which occurred around 4 pm when the plane was 25 nautical miles from Kolkata. A passenger on the plane shared their horrible experience: ‘The plane was shaken by the turbulent weather that was present when the plane landed. Three passengers suffered serious injuries in the incident.

Similarly, severely injured passengers have been admitted to Charnock Hospital. Ivory was rushed to his home after being treated for minor injuries, officials said.

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A spokesman for Vistara, which commented on the incident, said: “We are saddened by this bad experience for travelers. We are also monitoring the health condition of the injured. We are investigating the priority of why such an incident took place. We will provide more information soon.


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