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IT Policy Compliance: 'Last' Notice from Central Government to Twitter!

Twitter is asking for time to comply with the government’s new IT regulations

Source: The New Indian Express

New Delhi: Social networking site Twitter has asked for more time to comply with the new IT rules of the Government of India.

According to sources, Twitter wants to comply with the new rules. But due to the Kovid-19 situation in India, Twitter has appealed to the central government to request more time for the new rules to be followed.

Twitter has written to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, seeking to enforce the new rules. But the Kovid-19 said it was not achievable for reasons.

Twitter has been demanding more time since the government issued a stern warning to Twitter over its compliance with the new rules. When contacted by a Twitter spokesperson for the affair, he said, “Twitter is committed to public communication in India and in the service.

Progress on compliance with the new rules has been shared with the Government of India. A constructive dialogue with the Government of India will continue, a Twitter spokesperson said.


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