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Unlock has started ..!

Unlock has started ..!

With the decline in corona cases, many states in the country have relaxed the lockdown and imposed night curfews. Lockdowns are already being imposed in Delhi, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Meghalaya. Gave massive relaxations. Recently the lockdown in Bihar was lifted. However, the curfew continues from 7 pm to 5 am. The situation is similar in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. In Uttar Pradesh, the lockdown has been lifted. In Madhya Pradesh, the government has extended the curfew till May 15 and given some more relaxations. On the other hand, the government has extended the lockdown in Telangana as well. However, the relaxation time has been increased. The lockdown time has been shortened. With the latest decision, the relaxation will continue for 12 hours and the lockdown will continue for another 12 hours.

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