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Vaccine assistance to India; US MP, Raja Krishnamurthy confirmed

Washington: “I have made every effort to get additional vaccine assistance to India,” assured Raja Krishnamurthy, an Indian-born US MP.

On behalf of Harvard University, Gautama Buddha University and Indian University Associations, an online seminar on the prevention of the spread of Govt-19 virus was held. Participating in this, US MP Raja Krishnamurthy said: Joe Biden, the Democratic President I belong to, has been providing a lot of assistance to India. Of the eight crore vaccines in stock that are not used here, I am making every effort to send a portion to India. It has received good news from the government.

I am currently trying to get more help for India than that. I have introduced the ‘Novit’ Act in Barley to help the United States make the Govt vaccine available to all countries. This law will pave the way for 60 percent of the world’s population to be vaccinated very soon.
Then India will get more vaccines. It is not known where, when or where the Covit-19 virus spreads. Only if all nations are safe can the United States be safe. Thus he said.



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