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Vaccine for all in three years: Serum CEO., Information

New Delhi: It can take 2 to 3 years for everyone in India to get the corona vaccine. But Adar Poonawalla, chairman of the serum company, said it was impossible to vaccinate everyone in three months.

Adar Poonavalla, CEO of Serum, said in a statement:
The first vaccination drive in India began in January. We had enough vaccines then. At that time, India did all it could to help the world. Vaccines have never been exported without giving priority to Indians. The corona virus does not just come from people in one country. No matter which country in the world is infected with the virus, we are all at risk. In this case, everyone in India can be vaccinated in 3 years.

latest tamil news

Delivery of 20 crore vaccines

Serum has so far delivered 20 crore vaccines. Vaccination in India began two months after vaccination in the United States. However, we have delivered a large number of vaccines. Internationally, India is definitely one of the top three countries in terms of the number of vaccines delivered. Thus he has said.



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