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War Against Kovid-19: ISRO manufactures three types of ventilator, ready for technology transfer

Source: The New Indian Express

Bangalore: Indian Space Agency (ISRO) has made a significant contribution in the fight against Kovid-19. ISRO has developed three types of ventilators and has announced that its technology is ready for transfer to industry.

ISRO has developed “Prana” (Programmable Respiratory Assistance for Issue Aid) for low-cost, portable critical care ventilator, based on the automatic compression of the artificial manual breathing unit bag.

The system is equipped with a sophisticated control system, which includes airway pressure sensor, flow, sensor, oxygen sensor, servo actuator and (positive and exciter pressure) regulator valves.

Ventilation mode is optional, allowing you to optimize oxygen supply through the touch screen panel and monitors. Ventilators developed by ISRO will supply oxygen to the required level. These ventilators feature a battery backup when the power supply is turned off.

ISRO has developed “Prana” invasive and non-invasive ventilation modes, with a ventilator-controlled breathing and breathing system that controls the patient’s response. Another feature of life ventilators is the ability to automatically open the safety valves, alerting the barotrauma-pressure-related injury and shortness of breath, oxygen shortage.

It has also been proposed to eliminate bacterial viruses transmitted through ventilators, and filters have been installed to prevent this. The ICU range of Positive Pressure Mechanical Ventilator “VaU” (Variation of Ventilation Assist Unit) can be used to facilitate spontaneous breathing in patients with respiratory distress.

ISRO says the gas-powered ventilator space ventilator is the basic method of aided for trauma assistance (swastika) non-invasive ventilation, which can be used in emergency situations and can be used as transit ventilators inside vehicles.


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