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WhatsApp gets 'fraudulent consent'

WhatsApp gets ‘fraudulent consent’

Source: The New Indian Express

New Delhi: The Central Government on Thursday filed a new affidavit in the Delhi court stating that WhatsApp has engaged in anti-consumer practices by obtaining a ‘fraudulent consent’ for the new Privacy Policy.
That said.

WhatsApp has left its digital skills to unsuspecting users and wants to force them to adopt the new Privacy Policy of 2021 by a brief notification at regular intervals, a central government affidavit has been filed before the Delhi High Court.

The central government, which has said the game plan is very clear, intends to move the entire existing user base. The Personal Data Protection (PDP) bill said it adheres to an updated privacy policy before it becomes law.

The central government has also submitted an existing notification, WhatsApp for users to dismiss existing or new notifications. This is contrary to the order issued by the Competition Commission of India on March 21, the central government said.

The central government has requested that WhatsApp be given an interim order not to take any action that would overrule existing users’ updated personal notification. The court adjourned the matter to July 22 for further hearing.


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