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Who is the star director who contributed to the fund?

Who is the star director who contributed to the fund?

Anyone can succeed if they work hard! But, Nidhi Agarwal believes in Krishna along with his work! Our talented director ‘Ismart’ is very impressed with the beauty. He is also being recommended for a few more movies. That is why Nidhi Agarwal is not the only beauty. Nidhi is starring in the movie ‘Harihara Veeramallu’ with Power Star. Did you know that the director for that periodical movie is Krish? Nidhi is acting nicely in a historical film. Hence, Film Nagar talk that Krish Endorses Talented Beauty!
Nidhi is testing her luck in different languages ​​from Bollywood to Tamil. Even in Kollywood, this bubbly beauty is gaining popularity. Though he made films in Hindi early in his career, he is not focusing much on Mumbai now. In Telugu, however, it received a huge blockbuster with ‘Ismart Shankar’. Since then, the talk of the fund has been growing in the industry, with PK now appearing in a character with a chance for performance in a movie, though his career did not turn out as expected. What kind of josh does Krish Periodical movie give to Nidhi Agarwal?

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