Worldwide 50,000 phone number link to Israeli Pegasus spyware: report

Worldwide 50,000 phone number link to Israeli Pegasus spyware: report

Source: AFP

Washington: Israeli Pegasus has been accused of spying on governments with data on dozens of smartphone numbers, including activists, journalists, business officials and politicians around the world.

The issue has been in the news since 2016, when researchers accused the spyware of helping to spy on dissidents in the United Arab Emirates. NSO Group and Pegasus Malware – Allegedly capable of altering the phone’s camera or microphone and retrieving its data.

Investigations in collaboration with The Washington Post, The Guardian, Le Monde and other media outlets raise privacy concerns. It also revealed the extent to which private company software can be misused.

More than 50,000 smartphone numbers have been leaked by NSO since 2016, news agencies said. However it is not clear how many devices were actually targeted or surveyed. But argued that the allegations made against him were false.

The list includes 15,000 Mexican numbers. There are now numbers of 300 people, including Indian politicians and prominent journalists.

The central government last week denied that malware was being used to spy on its citizens in 2019. It also reiterated that there was no solid basis or truth to the allegations of government surveillance against certain people.

A forensic analysis of 37 smartphones on the list revealed that Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and two of his close aides, who were murdered in 2018, had been hacked by software.


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